Why we are important

The SophiaEssahmed Foundation has been working to lift people out of dire poverty, illiteracy and hopelessness since 2004. We have recorded great success in the implementation of our programmes and have grown in response to the identified needs and uniqueness of our environment.The success of The SophiaEssahmed Foundation in the inner city of Kano means a breakthrough in human development in the city in particular, the state and whole of the North in general.

We stand at an advantage, due to our knowledge of the geopolitical and socio-cultural nature of these areas. We understand the terrain and traditions of the people, and we are sensitive to their cultural norms and are able to communicate in the local dialect.

Also, we have been able to establish amicable relationships with the male folks in the city and involve regulatory authorities where necessary. The foundation will be able to expand its objectives within the city and beyond because we have built trust over the years with our people, from projects we have successfully executed. We are confident you will support us in our efforts to change the lives of these wonderful, but helpless people.