Our History

We started as a community-based organization in the urban slums of kano city, in 2004. We started with sensitizing residents on the need for environmental sanitation, the importance of personal hygiene, preventing malnutrition in young children and the importance of education for children.
Our health education activities revealed more of the challenges and struggles of the occupants of these slums. Therefore, we included awareness programs on HIV/AIDS and extended our outreach to people in nomadic settlements who are mostly isolated and vulnerable, due to lack of information on HIV/AIDS.
We met many young women battling the effects of obstetric fistula, which had caused them to be ostracized by their families and could not get proper source of income because of their medical condition. Some had to resort to prostitution for support. Another endangered group that this organization identified while serving others are the nomadic population scattered all through the north of Nigeria, who have little or no access to basic facilities such as electricity, clean water, health facilities and basic education.