Economic Empowerment

  • We presently empower poor, vulnerable, but hardworking young women with basic income-generating incentives, such as petty trading, local cheese making, tomato puree local production, and grain milling.  
  • We have an auto rickshaw hire-purchase scheme in place for poor women with heavy dependants. They earn profit from running it on a commercial basis and pay back the capital in instalments.
  • We engage in financial literacy training in order to support our beneficiaries to access financial services and to develop the discipline required to save from their earnings.
  • Presently, we are hoping to create a stronger safety net for the vulnerable and disadvantaged in our society through targeted micro-financing that will protect them from falling back into poverty at the slightest medical emergency, the marriage of a daughter or school fees payment. This micro-financing scheme will help them stick to a regular savings pattern while also providing credit financing that will not further impoverish them.