We are present in 5 Nigerian Communities 
We've Helped 1200 Women and children
More than 25 Projects carried out
Over 35 Volunteers nationwide

Thousand of children are waiting for help!

The Sophia Essahmed Foundation has been providing succour through educational support to out-of-school children (especially the girl child), orphans and children with special needs. We provide psychological support and societal reintegration for women with obstetric fistula (VVF). We also facilitate sustainable economic support to poor and vulnerable women, especially widows, divorcees and abandoned elderly women.

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 We are concerned with improving social and economic status of poor and vulnerable women, and the wellbeing of orphans and children with special needs in our urban slums and rural settlements.
We sponsor and support very poor children, orphans and special needs children to attain basic education.
Health Interventions
We provide health related support through public health awareness to women and psychological support particularly to stigmatised VVF patients
Economic Empowerment
We provide sustainable economic support through skill acquisition trainings, financial literacy as well as tool and material empowerment to poor and vulnerable women.
Clean Energy
We provide rewable and clean energy as part of our poverty alleviation program to help improve the welbeing of poor desperate people.


Education for Underprivileged Orphans and Children with Special Needs

Donation of classroom furniture to visually impaired students in Kano, Nigeria. With Nigeria holding the world record of 40% of children out of school, we are on mission to take as much children to school as possible. 

Training & Empowerment Programs for Poor Community Women

With the support of PLAN International, we trained and empowered 30 young women in the city of Kano in six various skills and organized them to open banks accounts to create a saving culture

Reintegrating Obstetric Fistula patients back into their communities

We facilitate social & psychological support to VVF patients, for a smooth re-integration back into their various communities, we make sure patients get the possible treatment.

Rick Shaw Hire Purchase Empowerment Scheme

This ‘scheme’ empowers widows & divorcees with rick shaws(tricycles), which in turn the women employ young youths to earn living from the scheme.  We have recorded huge success through years as we started with 7 and we are counting 30 Rick Shaws at the moment.

Financial literacy programme for nomadic Fulani milk sellers

This programme aims to enlighten nomadic fulani women with financial literacy. For example; with financial literacy such as opening bank accounts, accessing bank loans & insurance.

 8.7 million
Nigerian Children out of school

Sponsor a Child

Sponsor-a-Child is The Sophia Essahmed Foundation aimed at supporting support orphans and children with special needs through basic education. The Foundation currently has ongoing programmes


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